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Deciding the fate of others

Malba Tahan tells the story of a man who came across an angel in the desert and gave him water. "I am the angel of death and have come to find you", said the angel. "But since you have been good, I will lend you the Book of Destiny for five minutes; you can change whatever you want".

The angel handed him the book. Leafing through the pages, the man read the lives of his neighbors. He was discontented: “Those people don’t deserve such good things", he thought. Pen in hand, he began to make each of their lives worse.

Finally he reached the page of his own destiny. He saw his tragic ending, but just as he was about to change it, the book vanished. Five minutes had passed.

And right there and then the angel took the man’s soul.


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I know what’s right

A peasant was returning home when he saw a donkey in the field.

"I’m not a donkey", said the animal. "I saw the Messiah being born. I have lived for two thousand years, and am still alive to give this testimony."

Frightened, the peasant ran to the church to tell the parish priest. "Impossible!", he said.

The peasant took him by the hands and led him to where the donkey was.

The animal repeated everything he had said before.

"I repeat: animals cannot talk” said the priest.

"But you just heard it talk!” insisted the peasant.

"How stupid can you be! You’d rather believe a donkey than a priest! “


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